Initial Situation 

As a result of the new financial equation (NFA), the Confederation had to take over the control of the motorways from the cantons within a very short time. The Confederation had no operational experience in this area until then.

In a first phase, the project included the realisation of a national traffic management centre. In the subsequent phases, the focus was on the progressive digitalisation of traffic management.


As project manager and IT consultant, we created the basis for a successful implementation by agreeing the goals and priorities of the traffic management with the management of the Federation.

With the traffic specialists, we were able to precisely define the tasks of the traffic management centre. From this we derived the relevant IT requirements.

Through strict prioritisation with regard to a minimal initial solution and a tight project management, we ensured that the systems were in place within the original schedule and budget for a seamless transition of traffic management to the federal government.


As project manager and IT consultant we:

  • Identified and elicited requirements (user stories, use cases, non-functional requirements) in a complex stakeholder landscape (federal government, cantons, private partners).
  • Modeled or described business processes, data, functions, business rules and GUIs.
  • Preparing and accompanying WTO tenders.
  • Led several technical projects (communication network, traffic monitoring, online traffic measurement, traffic information system, specialist applications)
  • Led system implementation by external providers.
  • Performed quality assurance, defined and organised acceptance tests (including for the traffic management center itself).
  • Initiated a large project for the harmonisation of the control systems and electro-mechanical equipment of the motorways.


  • Traffic Management
  • Video Surveillance
  • Traffic Measurement
  • SOA
  • IT Architecture
  • Process Modeling
  • WTO Tenders

Remark: We performed the above-mentioned activities as employee at a former employer.