Craft Beer Brauerei

Initial Situation 

Consumers in the industrialised countries increasingly look for sustainable authentic local products. This is especially reflected in a continuing trend for craft beer. Every year, over 100 new breweries are founded in Switzerland and the consumption of craft beer is growing at an over-proportional rate.

The resulting market is very fragmented. Most craft breweries are only established very locally. With the Swiss Brew platform ( we want to enable ambitious breweries to expand their range of activities throughout Switzerland and benefit from synergies.


The idea has met with great interest. After only half a year, we were able to go live with the first version of the platform and five craft breweries to gain first experiences.


As initiators of the platform and product owners we:

  • Set up the strategic concept and the business case including market analysis.
  • Gathered the needs of the craft breweries and the customers and tested them with a prototype. During this phase, we contacted more than one hundred craft breweries.
  • Developed the platform.
  • Set up the general terms and conditions, data privacy policies and vendor contracts.
  • Established a strategic partnership with a logistics platform.
  • Created a marketing concept.
  • Developed an onboarding set for the breweries (including a pricing tool).
  • Established a company to operate and develop the platform.
  • Registered a trademark.


  • Plattform Economy
  • B2B Online Marketplace
  • Craft Beer