Initial Situation 

A federal department decided to renew its core business applications. For this, it set up an extensive programme with over 10 projects.


As lead business analyst, we significantly simplified and accelerated the implementation of the case management and output management systems by successfully reducing complexity whilst involving the business stakeholders and technical specialists.

For the output management, we designed and quickly developed a prototype to illustrate the concepts and convince the stakeholders. Of the departments approximately 1,200 document types, we were able to identify the 20-30 most important ones for automation, covering over 80% of the cases. This enabled us to complete the concept and the implementation phases with a fraction of the planned budget and time.


As lead business analyst we:

  • Modelled and described specialist processes.
  • Created an overarching concept for the assignment of cases and process steps.
  • Defined the functional scope for a prototype of the case management solution.
  • Created the business concept for output management, as well as a “cookbook” and a prioritisation for implementation.
  • Defined the technical prototype of the output management solution and managed its implementation.
  • Performed stakeholder management.


  • Output Management
  • Document Management
  • Value Added Tax
  • Withholding Tax
  • Case Management
  • Workflow System
  • IBM Case Manager and IBM FileNet Content Manager
  • Docucom Domtrac
  • GMC Inspire

Remark: We performed the above-mentioned activities as employee at a former employer.